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For years, metal roofs have been popular among commercial builders. In fact, the metal roofing industry is estimated to be worth $4 billion and will increase about 2.3% annually over the next several years. When it comes to putting a metal roof on your home, does it make sense with respect to your home’s value? 

How to Spot a Metal Roof

It used to be simple to spot a metal roof. They were silver and had those ridges you see on old barns and industrial buildings. Today’s metal roofs are much sleeker looking but still distinguishable. 

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of styles can colors. They can resemble the look of architectural shingles, wood shakes, or just look like a more streamlined version of what you’d picture in a metal roof. Most metal roofs have a standing seam, allowing the panels to interlock for installation. 

Can a Metal Roof Increase Your Home’s Value?

Any roof replacement is estimated to recoup over 90% of your investment at resale. And, since metal is considered to be a premium roofing material, you can count on your return being much higher than the average. In fact, it’s possible that a metal roof could boost the asking price of your home. 

Many metal roofs have long warranties (40 years on average). And this warranty can be transferred to the new owner. Buying a home with a roof under warranty is a strong selling point. 

Why Metal Roofs are Different

Metal roofs have a long list of benefits. When it comes to your property’s value, the durability of your roof is a vital concern. And metal roofs are known to last up to three times longer than traditional roofing materials. Some other benefits of choosing a metal roof include:

  • Weather-resistant – Metal roofs are fire-resistant and can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour. 
  • Low maintenance – According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), metal roofing materials won’t rust, rot, fade or crack. They only need periodic inspections to look for possible weaknesses in the seams. 
  • Energy-efficient – Painted or coated metal roofs are energy-efficient, meaning they can reduce your heating and air conditioning bills by as much as 25%
  • Versatile – Metal roofs are simple to install, and you can choose from a variety of styles and colors that complement your home’s current architecture. 

Quality Metal Roofs in Versailles, MO

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home or just want to maintain the value of your property, a metal roof is an excellent investment. At Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C., we have installed more residential metal roofs over the past two decades than any other company in the state. We take tremendous pride in our commitment to quality materials and service. Contact us today to learn more.