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Metal roofing has taken over as the roofing material of choice for many homes and businesses. And no wonder — it looks great. But what about other buildings on your property? You’ll enjoy some of the same benefits of metal roofs put on barns and sheds that you’ll get from installing one on your home. But what are those benefits, and why do people make this choice?

Why Are Metal Roofs Put on Barns and Sheds?

When you decide to put a barn or shed on your property, or you need to replace the roof on an existing structure, there are many options. Here are some of the top reasons why more and more people are choosing to put metal roofs on their barns and sheds.


If you want your barn or shed roof to last a long time, a metal roof is the best option. Compared to other types of roofing, like asphalt shingles, metal roofs can last up to four times longer. Many metal roofs also come with a warranty that lasts for decades. 


One of the reasons metal roofs last so long is because they are so durable. Metal roofs will hold up to even the most extreme elements like heavy winds, rain, hail, and snowfall. They are also fire-resistant and not susceptible to insect or termite damage, which can be a big concern for a shed or barn. 


Due to their durability, metal roofs require less maintenance and repairs than conventional roofs. Sure, you’ll want to have them inspected by a professional occasionally, but you shouldn’t have to worry about major damage to this type of roof for many years to come. 

Customizable Options

Whether you want your barn or shed to look unique or blend in with the landscape, you can accomplish your goals with metal roofing. There is such a wide variety of colors, styles, and finishes in metal roofing panels that you can create any aesthetic you wish. 


The materials used to create a metal roof are recyclable, meaning you can return them back to the environment or ensure they get reused when the roof has reached the end of its useful life. In fact, many metal roofs are made from recycled metal. Even better, you can use your barn or shed’s metal roof to collect rainwater, which is great for watering crops or feeding livestock. 


Unlike most common roofing materials used for sheds and barns, metal reflects heat instead of absorbing it. This helps keep the heat from accumulating in your barn during the warm months. When you use the right type of insulation, it can keep your structure cooler in the summer. 

Need a Metal Roof for Your Barn or Shed in Missouri?

Now that you understand the benefits of metal roofs for barns and sheds, you may want to explore your options. Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. helps clients throughout the Versailles area of Missouri with all their metal roofing installation and service needs. 

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