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Your home’s roof isn’t something you want to ignore. Do so long enough, and you’ll discover that your roof is your primary line defense when it comes to natural hazards like cold, heat, and water intrusion. So, maintaining a roof that functions properly should be a priority as a homeowner. 

Unfortunately, every roof needs to be replaced at some point. They just don’t last forever. If you are noticing any of these signs or symptoms, it might be time to think about a roof replacement. 

1. Your Roof is Too Old

If you have a traditional asphalt roof, these only last roughly 20-25 before they require replacement. So, if your roof is nearing the end of that period, it might be time. 

2. You Are Missing A Lot of Shingles

When one or two shingles are missing, you can have them replaced. But, when shingles start falling or flying off of your roof in greater numbers, this is a problem. Patching up your roof will only get you so far, and you will eventually want to replace it. 

3. Your Shingles Are Cracking

You’ll notice wear and tear on your roof’s shingles in the form of cracking. Again, you can replace a few shingles. But, when most of your shingles are cracked, you should start planning for a roof replacement. 

4. The Edges of Your Shingles Are Curling

When your shingles being to curl, either on the edge or in the middle, your roof and home becomes more susceptible to damage from wind and rain. In other words, your shingles are no longer giving you the protection you need. 

5. There is Moss Growing on Your Shingles

When moss begins to grow and accumulate on your roof, it is also damaging those systems. You can wash your roof with water and bleach, but it’s important to assess the underlying damage to determine whether or not it’s time for a full roof replacement. 

6. You Have Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a vital part of your roofing system. It’s the material, usually galvanized steel or aluminum, that is used over the wall construction and joints in the roof to prevent water intrusion. When that part of your roof becomes damaged or is missing, it’s time to take quick action. 

7. You See Light Coming Through Your Ceiling

This should go without saying. But, if you see sunlight coming through your roof, air, water, and even critters aren’t far behind. In addition to an immediate roof replacement, you should look for any internal water stains in your home that might require repair. 

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