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Is there a correlation between weather and metal roofs? When choosing to replace or upgrade their roofs, many homeowners want to know if shingles or metal roofs make a house hotter during the summer. They are also interested in how the roofing impacts their house during the winter.

Metal roofs last anywhere from 40-70 years. Needless to say, once installed, you’ll have metal roofs for quite some time. But are you wondering if metal roofs make your house warmer or cooler?

This article will cover how metal roofs may impact your home in the summer and winter. Let’s get started with a look at how climate may impact your roof.

Metal Roofs and Sun Exposure

The climate impacts how much sun exposure your house receives. This factor determines the type of insulation required. The goal is to keep the house comfortable regardless of the outdoor temperature.

The more direct sunlight a roof receives, the hotter it gets. When the sun sets, the roof cools down to the air temperature. The heavier the material, the longer the cool down process.

Heavy dark shingles trap a lot of heat in the house and take a long time to cool down. This means that your air conditioner runs for a long period of time.

Other materials that absorb heat include wood, tile, and concrete.

Metal roofing is lightweight and very strong. Metal roofs reflect heat. This makes a metal roof for heat reduction an ideal choice for hot climates.

Choosing a metal roof for heat reduction is wise. When it comes to a metal roof vs. shingles, metal roofs reflect heat. This is good for homes that get a lot of sun exposure.

The cost is higher than the average roof, but it lasts much longer. The metal roof energy savings is higher than other materials.

Metal Roofs and Cold Climates

Are metal roofs good for cold climates?

In cold areas, roofers lay styrofoam down followed by the decking material. This provides an added layer of insulation for the house. The metal roofing then covers the decking and protects the house from the snow and rain.

The metal roof blocks the heat from escaping. Not only will the metal roof keep the home warmer in the winter, but it will stop ice damming.

Ice dams occur when homes lose heat through the roof. Snow and ice at the peak of the roof melt and slide down to the overhang. There it refreezes in large heavy chunks that can damage the house.

When the weather improves, falling ice can create fatal injuries.

All roofs lose snow and ice when spring arrives. But if there are no ice dams, the roof can lose the snow in lightweight pieces that keep the home damage-free.

Metal roofs are smooth and prevent build-ups. The snow can melt in an even and safe fashion. That is not to say you shouldn’t keep an eye out for gutter damming.

Weather and Roof Maintenance

Keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter needs little maintenance. The metal roof material can span 40 to 50 years, with newer grades reaching 60 years.

The only roof maintenance needed battles sun exposure. Every few years it’s good to re-apply the reflective paint coating. This keeps your roof in pristine condition.

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