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No one likes to think about replacing their roof, but it will be inevitable at some point. One of the reasons people choose metal roofs is for their longevity and durability. But that doesn’t mean this type of roof is invincible or won’t need any maintenance. 

Without proper care and attention, a metal roof will deteriorate and leak. Sometimes you won’t see the damage until it’s too late, which is why you should inspect your roof often. If you do find damage, how do you know if it’s time to repair or replace your metal roof? 

Metal Roof Repair and Restoration

If you have a fairly new metal roof, you should keep it clear of debris and inspect it several times per year for any damage. Look for leaks along seams, flashings, skylights, ridge caps, and fasteners. 

If there is damage to a small section, this can be easily repaired or replaced. Maybe the roof coating used by the original installer wasn’t sufficient. You can also fix this with something that will improve your roof’s durability and lifespan. 

A complete roof restoration is another option, but you’ll want to compare the benefits of doing this to a full roof replacement. Repairing and recoating might be appropriate for some roofs, but it’s not a miracle solution for every situation. 

Metal Roof Replacement

If your metal roof is older or the damage is extensive, it might be time to consider a replacement. If you’re not sure about what direction you should go, here are several signs that it’s probably time to replace your metal roof instead of repair it. 

  • Extensive Rust – Rust is a sign that the metal and protective coating in your roofing system is deteriorating. Once the coating and finish are gone, water and moisture will begin attacking the metal, and you will eventually get leaks. 
  • Loose Panels – Loose panels can often be repaired. But if you have a lot of them that have been ignored, you probably have underlying damage that needs to be addressed. This may require replacing your roof. 
  • Leaking – Leaks can be caused by rust, loose panels, missing fasteners, or improper installation. A roof that isn’t watertight may require replacement. 

Before you commit to buying a new roof, you should understand the benefits of this decision. A metal roof, when properly installed and maintained, can last 40 years or more. Your metal roof will be also weather-tight, lowering your home’s energy consumption and costs. 

If you think it might be time to replace your metal roof, you need a provider you can trust. Excel Metal Roofing L.L.C. in the Versailles, MO area has been in the business of installing quality metal roofs since 1999. In fact, we’ve installed more residential metal roofs in Missouri over the past two decades than any other company. 

Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing products and our commitment to quality service.