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If you need to replace the roof on your home, you’re probably researching all your options. Among the materials you can use are asphalt, tile, clay, slate, and metal. Metal has been used as a roofing material for hundreds of years. 

Whether or not a metal roof was on your list of contenders, it probably should be. But first, consider this list of pros and cons of metal roofs before you make your choice. 

Pros of a Metal Roof for Your Home

Metal roofs are sleek and distinctive looking, but the benefits of these systems go far beyond the aesthetics. Here are some of the pros of choosing a metal roof for your home.


Not all metal roofs are the same, but most are incredibly durable. The most common type of metal roofing used on homes is made from galvanized steel. We feature an aluminum-coated steel product called Galvalume that is even stronger than galvanized steel. Metal roofs come with warranties up to 35 years, and these systems have been known to last up to 100 years. 

Energy Efficient

Another advantage of metal roofs is that they are incredibly energy-efficient. Your metal roof will reject the sun’s heat, reducing your monthly energy bills. 

Different Styles

Metal roofs are available in many different styles and colors. You can choose a more rustic or modern design to fit your home’s aesthetic. There are also a variety of color choices that will match or complement your existing exterior. 

Added Safety

A metal roof delivers another layer of safety to your home, which can also save you some additional cash. These systems are resistant to the high winds that can come through during winter storms and can even eliminate ice damming issues that can cause roof leaks. They are also fireproof, which can help you save money on homeowners’ insurance premiums. 

Easy to Install

Metal roofs are much lighter than other roofing materials, making them easier to install. In fact, some metal roofs can be installed directly on top of an existing roof. These factors alone can help save on some of the labor costs for your next roofing project. 

Cons of Residential Metal Roofs

Unfortunately, no roofing system is perfect. Before you make your choice, consider the potential drawbacks of a metal roof.


Metal roofs cost more in comparison to many other types of roofing systems. But, they also last much longer and can increase the value of your property. So, you might get a better return on your investment with this choice. 

Can Be Loud

Metal roofs don’t absorb noise perfectly, which might be annoying or charming, depending on your sensibilities. You’re likely to hear Mother Nature calling when it rains or storms. But, you can reduce some of that noise with a bit of additional insulation during the installation process. 

Difficult to Clean

Metal roofs are slippery and flat surfaces, so they are tougher to clean. That said, more debris will simply slide right off them than with an asphalt, tile, or slate surface. 

Hard to Repair

Because they are made of metal, these materials can occasionally dent or scratch. If you do have to make some repairs to a small section, it might be slightly more difficult with a metal roof than some other material. 

After examing the pros and cons of metal roofs, many homeowners decide that having a metal roof installed is the obvious choice. Excel Metal Roofing specializes in all types of metal roofing systems for commercial and residential applications. We are located in Versailles and serve clients throughout the Lake of the Ozarks region.  Contact us now to discuss your next project or for a free quote.