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Is it a good idea to remove shingles on your home if you are going to get a new roof? That depends! While asphalt shingles are still a common choice for residential applications, metal roofs have become incredibly popular. And one of the benefits of choosing a metal roof is that you may be able to install it over existing shingles. 

Do You Need to Remove Shingles With a Metal Roof?

Under most conditions, you’ll be able to have a new metal roof installed over your existing asphalt one. Why is this possible? Several reasons. 


Weight is essential with your home’s roof. Too much weight and you compromised the integrity of the structure. A steel roof weighs just ¼ the amount of an asphalt roof and an aluminum one just ⅛ the weight. In many instances, the weight you are adding with a new metal roof is simply replacing the weight lost by the current asphalt shingles through normal material evaporation and wear. 


It’s not a good idea to put shingles on top of shingles because the materials will deteriorate faster. This isn’t the case with metal. Metal roofs hold up just as well on top of existing shingles, and your old roof can provide your home with additional protection from the elements, provided it is in good shape. 


Many homeowners also choose to keep the existing shingles on their homes for environmental reasons. By doing this, you avoid sending a thousand or more pounds of materials to the landfill. 


Finally, by not removing your existing roof, you are saving some labor costs as well. You are also avoiding any potential damage that can occur to your home after your roofing materials are removed. 

When You May Wish to Remove Shingles Before Installation

In a few rare cases, it’s a good idea to remove your existing asphalt shingles before you install your new roof. These include: 

  • The appearance of your new metal roof will be impacted by an uneven or rough asphalt shingle roof. 
  • Local building codes won’t allow the installation of a metal roof over too many layers of asphalt roofing. 
  • Screws and nails for the new metal roof won’t reach far enough to anchor to the existing structure. 
  • The deck sheathing shows signs of decay and requires repairs. 

When your roofing professional inspects your home, they will give you the safest and most economical recommendation that will meet your needs. 

Ready for a New Roof? Let’s Discuss Your Options!

If your home needs a new roof, you may be to get the job done without removing the current shingles. At Excel Metal Roofing L.L.C., we have served residential and commercial customers throughout the Lake area in Versailles, MO since 1999.  Contact us today to learn more about how our quality metal roofing products and services can meet your needs.