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It’s not uncommon for established Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Architectural Review Boards (ARBs) to have older covenants in place that prevent residents from using metal roofs. Often, when homeowners learn about the durability, energy-efficiency, and other benefits of these roofing systems, it puts them at odds with these restrictions. In some cases, there might be a solution. 

The Purpose of an HOA

Contrary to popular belief, your HOA isn’t there to make your life miserable. You purchased your home in a particular neighborhood because of its quality and the value of the area. You likely wouldn’t have that without the HOA protecting your investment. 

HOAs prevent homeowners from painting their siding bright pink, leaving abandoned vehicles in the front yard, and letting their landscape resemble something out of a Tarzan film. But, they can be reasonable and change their rules when the situation warrants. 

Helping Your HOA Update Its Guidelines

Before you install a metal roof on your home, carefully read your HOA’s Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which is the “rule book” for your community. It will outline the materials allowed for roofing as well as the colors. If there are no restrictions, you’re all set to move forward with your plans. 

If metal roofs are not permitted, your first step should be to request a meeting with your HOA (most have regular meetings every 30 days). Ask your HOA if they require any specific paperwork or forms and complete them according to their deadlines to get on the agenda. 

There is a common misconception about what a metal roof looks like, and you can help your HOA change its mind about this. The Metal Roofing Association (MRA) offers an online visualization tool that allows users to see how a metal roof can mimic asphalt, wood shake, slate, and clay tile roofs. Metal roofs complement every home style, including classic craftsman, modern and mid-century ranch, Tudor traditional, colonial, Mediterranean, Victorian, and more. 

For neighborhoods that face regional threats of heavy winter storms or hail, summer heat, and wildfires, highlighting the benefits of metal roofs can help make your case. These materials are incredibly durable and strong, with the proven capacity to withstand extreme conditions. They are also low-maintenance, long-lasting, and more environmentally-friendly than many other roofing materials. 

As you go through the process of speaking with your HOA, keep your roofing contractor updated on your efforts. You’ll also want to bring samples of the roofing materials to your meeting so that members can visualize what they are being asked to approve. 

Quality Metal Roofing in Versailles, MO

If your Homeowner’s Association doesn’t allow metal roofs, it might just be that they haven’t considered them. In some cases, the board will make changes to its rules after it understands the benefits of metal roofs and the many ways that these systems can complement the neighborhood. 

If you have questions about metal roofs or would like to explore the possibilities for your home, contact Excel Metal Roofing, LLC. Since 1999, we have been the leader in quality sales and installation of metal roofs throughout the Versailles, MO area. Contact us today to learn more.