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Metal roofs are known for lasting much longer and requiring less maintenance than roofs made from other materials. When you properly care for and maintain your metal roof, it could last for a half-century or longer. 

If you choose a metal roof for your home or business, you’ll still need to attend to it every now and then to keep it in top shape. Here are some of the steps you can follow to inspect your metal roof and keep it maintained. 

1. Remove any debris

As often as possible, you should remove any branches and wind-blown leaves from your metal roof. This type of roof is designed to shed water automatically and then dry. But, if there is debris present, water can’t make it to your gutters, and this process can’t take place. Instead, your roofing materials might prematurely corrode and eventually fail. 

2. Clean out gutters

No matter what type of roof you have, you should keep your home’s gutters clean. But metal roofs are more slippery than others and do a good job of shedding leaves, pods, and seeds. This material can quickly fill up and clog your gutters, so check and clean them a few times per year. 

3. Avoid pressure washing

While you want to keep your metal roof clean with something like a long brush, you should avoid using hoses and pressure washers on your roof. These systems can force water below your roofing materials, damaging them and causing leaks. 

4. Inspect your seals

When you take a close look at your roof a few times per year, inspect the edges of your roof and any seams. The sealants used when your roof was installed keep unwanted substances, like moisture, from penetrating your roof and home. If seals or caulk are damaged or missing, you can re-apply them. 

5. Tighten and replace screws

Also, take a close look at any fasteners on your roof and test their strength. If you have loose or missing screws, this can lead to leaks or a loss of panels. Be sure to replace or tighten screws and make sure you are using fasteners that won’t rust or corrode. 

6. Watch your foliage

Inspect the trees around your home to make sure that nothing is scraping or touching your metal roof. Foliage that moves against your roof in the wind can also remove the protective coating from your roofing materials. If you have branches that are encroaching, trim them back. 

7. Minimize foot traffic

Metal roofs are slick and delicate surfaces. It’s not a good idea to walk around on a metal roof if you don’t have experience with these materials. It’s dangerous, you could fall and get hurt, and you might damage your roof. Metal roof installers are trained to only step on trusses and rafters. 

If you plan to maintain your metal roof yourself, use extreme caution when inspecting or cleaning your roof. If you’re not comfortable doing this, it’s probably a good idea to schedule a professional roof inspection and maintenance with a trustworthy metal roofing company. 

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