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April is upon us, which means Spring is in full swing. It’s time to begin planning for warmer temperatures, green grass, new growth, and flowers. Unfortunately, it’s also the perfect opportunity to get your house in order with a bit of spring cleaning.

Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is never a fun job, but you’ll enjoy the results, and your property will thank you. A thorough once-over a few times per year can help you spot areas of concern before they become costly issues. Here are some tips for a successful spring cleaning session. 

1. Take it Room by Room

The most effective way to deep clean your home is to tackle the job room by room. If some areas have been recently cleaned, you can skip them to focus on more neglected spaces. 

2. Clear Out the Clutter

Whether inside or outside your home, Spring is the perfect time to figure out what things no longer give you joy and get rid of them. You can approach this by sorting items into four categories – give away, put away, store, and trash. 

3. Tackle Seasonal Chores

Some chores need to be done seasonally. When the weather warms up, you’ll want to pull out the barbeque grill and patio furniture. Inside, you’ll want to store things like winter clothing and bedding. 

4. Address Fences and Pavers

If you have fences and pavers, Spring is a good time to address them. With winter weather in the rearview mirror, you can start hosing and scrubbing off mud and other debris. If needed, you might also want to touch up these items with a fresh coat of paint or sealant. 

5. Landscape Your Yard

When Spring arrives, pull out those gardening and landscaping tools to clean up your garden beds and yard. Prune shrubs and trees that might encroach on your home or roof and trim back any perennials. 

6. Clean Windows

Your home’s windows can get downright filthy during the winter months. If you have a pressure washer at home, you can attack this job yourself. Otherwise, you might want to hire a service. 

7. Check Your Roof

Without going up on a ladder, give your home’s roof a visual inspection. How do your shingles and flashings appear? What about the surrounding gutters? If you see anything troubling from the outside or, worse, notice leaks or stains on the ceiling or walls of your home, it’s time to take fast action. 

The Best Spring Cleaning Roof Strategy is to Call Excel Metal Roofing

Once you’ve made the rounds and done everything that is safe on the ground, the next thing you should do is call in the professionals. It’s never a good idea to climb up on ladders or try to do maintenance on your roof. It’s far too dangerous, and you could even damage something you’re trying to preserve. 

Excel Metal Roofing not only installs metal roofs throughout the Lake of the Ozarks region. We also service and maintain them. Whether you need help with your existing roof or want to explore a new metal roof, give us a call to find out more about our products and services.