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A new roof is a significant expense. If you need a roof replacement for your home, you have several options in roofing materials, which vary in cost. Asphalt shingles have been the popular choice for many years, but they may not be the most cost-effective. Metal roofs are another option, and there is a good argument to be made for this choice. 

When evaluating which roof is the best investment, it’s important to consider more than just the initial installation cost. Here is what you need to know about evaluating your options and how metal roofs are a cost-effective choice. 

How Metal Roofs Are Cost-Effective

When deciding whether to go with a metal roof or some other option, like asphalt shingles, it may be tempting to look only at the installation price tag. This would be a mistake. Sure metal roofs cost more upfront to install. But here are reasons why they are considered a cost-effective choice. 

1. Better Roof Longevity

Your roof’s longevity is one of the biggest affordability factors to consider. A shingle roof, on average, needs replacement about every 15 years. But a metal roof has a warranty of about 50 years and can last as long as 100 years. So, in just about every circumstance, a metal roof is a one-time cost, but a shingle roof is something you’ll need to replace over and over again. 

2. Increased Home Value

According to research from the Metal Roofing Alliance, putting a metal roof on your home can add as much as 90% of its upfront costs to the value of your home. This is because metal roofs have incredible durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. Most also come with long-term transferable warranties that you can pass on to a new buyer as an additional asset. 

3. Lower Maintenance

Maintenance is another factor to consider when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of your roof. Shingles can tear or separate and lead to major roofing or structural damage if not addressed. But metal roofs are much more durable with lower repair rates. They might receive cosmetic damage in a major storm but will continue to protect your home from wind, rain, and even fire for many years to come. 

4. More Energy Efficient

If you want to save money on those rising power bills, a metal roof is an excellent option. Because metal roofs reflect heat, it keeps your home cooler in the summer and prolongs the life of your HVAC equipment. A home with an energy-efficient roof can save as much as 30% each month on energy bills. Over the lifetime of your roof, those savings can really add up. 

Get a Cost-Effective Metal Roof from Excel Metal Roofing

If you’re interested in getting a cost-effective roofing system for your home, Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. would love to help. We are proud to be the largest metal roof installer in Missouri, with more metal roof installations than any other business in the state since 2000. 

Our company’s team of experts will examine your home and provide you with a free quote for a high-quality metal roof installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to address all of your roofing needs and concerns.