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Putting a metal roof on your home is an excellent choice for so many reasons. These roofing systems now complement just about any style of home and are incredibly attractive. 

Beyond the aesthetics, metal roofs are durable and built to last, with common life spans of a half-century or more. But your roof won’t last that long if you simply ignore it, even though it’s considered low-maintenance compared to other options. 

If you want your metal roof to continue to look stunning and protect your home for as long as possible, it needs a bit of attention. Here are some tips to help you care for your metal roof so it can keep performing its best.

For safety’s sake, you should only treat a few of these as do-it-yourself projects. Anything involving gutters or roof repair should be handled by a professional. 

1. Remove debris from the roof

Metal roofs are made to let water run off naturally, and then they dry out. But debris build-up on your roof can stop water from reaching your gutters and even lead to corrosion of the metal. If there are branches, leaves, or other debris on your metal roof, remove those items as quickly as possible. 

2. Have your gutters cleaned

Items like pods and seeds will naturally roll off of a metal roof into your gutters. But, these materials, along with leaves and twigs, can also clog your gutters and cause water to come back onto the roof. At least twice per year, maybe fall and spring, have a professional clean out your home’s gutters.

3. Brush the roof

Sometimes, not everything that you want to expect to slide off of your roof will do so. You can clean off a metal roof quickly and easily with a long brush that has soft bristles. Avoid using a pressure washer since this can cause damage to your seams and create a leak. 

4. Trim back foliage

Tree limbs and other foliage around your home can rub up against your metal roof and cause damage. A heavy limb might also fall on your roof, and you won’t like the results. Depending on the height and location of the tree, you may wish to trim branches back yourself or hire a professional to do the work. 

5. Have edges and seams inspected

About once a year, request an inspection of your roof (Excel Metal Roofing can perform this). This will include an inspection of the edges and seams of your metal roof to ensure their continued integrity. The sealants on your seams keep moisture from entering your home. If any sealant is missing or rotted, you can ask your roofing contractor to make the repairs. 

6. Have screws tightened or replaced

Another place to have inspected are areas where there are screws, such as around vents. If any screws are loose or missing, your roofing contractor will tighten or replace them. 

7. Avoid walking on the roof

It’s never a good idea to walk on your roof or attempt to make repairs yourself. It’s simply too dangerous as well as specialized work. Professional roofers have experience working with metal roofs and are trained to perform these tasks. 

Caring for a metal roof is simple enough. These steps will ensure that your roof continues to perform well and can prevent the need for costly repairs. But anything involving walking on or repairing a metal roof should be handled by a professional to ensure the integrity of your roof and keep you safe. 

If you’re thinking about installing a metal roof in your home, we can help. Since 1999, Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. has installed more residential metal roofs in Missouri than any other company. We also perform annual maintenance and can handle your metal roof repairs. Contact us today for more information.