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If you are considering a metal roof for your home, you might be concerned about how it will hold up to the elements. The good news is that metal roofs can be used just about anywhere, whether you live along the coast of the U.S. or the shores of Lake of the Ozarks. Here’s what you need to know. 

Roof Failure Due to Wind and Water Damage

If you lived on the coast of Florida or North Carolina, hurricanes might be a primary concern. Fortunately, metal roofs are an excellent option under even these most extreme conditions. Metal roofing systems have high wind ratings and will lessen the chances of damage or a complete roof failure when hurricane-force winds hit. 

In the central part of the country, you may not need to worry about hurricanes quite as much. But it should give you peace of mind knowing that the metal roof you install on your home is one of the most weather-resistant options. 

Metal Roofs Can Withstand Extreme Conditions

In addition to being able to withstand high winds, a metal roof is a durable choice when it comes to extreme cold and even heat. Some coastal areas might get a lot of sun, but so does Minnesota in the summertime. 

A metal roof reflects solar heat away from your home, while an asphalt one will absorb the heat. This feature is vital because it makes a metal roof energy-efficient, which can reduce the monthly costs to cool (or heat) your home. 

Finally, metal roofs are simple to maintain and last much longer than asphalt roofs. If there is a major storm event, whether near the coastline or not, you can simply ask your roofing company to perform a quick inspection to ensure your roof is in top shape and continue to give your home the protection it needs. 

How Close Are You to the Coast?

If you live in Missouri, you don’t have to worry about saltwater. But any home that is within 1,500 feet of the U.S. coastline will require a specialized metal roof coating to protect the materials from potential damage related to salt spray. 

Fortunately, freshwater conditions won’t have this issue, even if you are right next to the shoreline. Metal roof panels are unlikely to rust under these conditions, and your warranty will cover issues like weather tightness. 

Thinking About a Metal Roof for Your Home? 

As you can see, metal roofs are versatile and can hold up well to a variety of conditions. If you are thinking about a metal roof for your home in the Lake area of Versailles, MO, find out how we can help. 

Since 2000, Excel Metal Roofing L.L.C. has installed more residential metal roofs in Missouri than any other company. We take our commitment to customer service and quality workmanship seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing products and services.