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When your home is located in the Midwest, one of your primary concerns is going to be keeping it safe from extreme weather. And nothing could be more extreme than a major wind event like a tornado. 

Not only can a tornado cause significant roof damage, but once your roof is compromised, the rest of your structure becomes vulnerable to damage as well. While there’s no way to completely protect your home from one of these catastrophes, you can take some steps to give your home the best chance of survival possible. 

One way to fight back against tornados and their damage is by installing a metal roof. 

Why Tornadoes Are a Danger to Your Roof

Tornados can come in all sizes, shapes, and intensities. An Enhanced F Scale is used to classify the intensity of these storms:

  • F0/F1 Tornadoes — 110 mph wind gusts and potential for minor damage. 
  • F2/F3 Tornadoes — 165 mph wind gusts, which are strong enough to uproot trees, overturn cars, and tear off roofs. 
  • F4/F5 Tornadoes — 261 mph wind gusts, which can level a home. 

Tornadoes can cause wind damage to a home by causing the roof shingles to lift and separate. A stronger storm can remove the entire roof from a structure. There is also the potential for damage from flying debris and hail, which can be in excess of 1-inch in diameter. 

Are Metal Roofs Tornado Safe?

Homeowners in tornado-prone areas are right to be concerned about the damage these storms can do. If you are replacing your roof or building a new home, the type of roofing material you choose is essential. 

Metal roofs are more durable than traditional shingle roofs because the materials are stronger. They can withstand the impact of wind or hail. Even when there is visible denting from hail, the damage is usually only cosmetic and doesn’t affect the integrity of the roof. 

Metal roofs are an ideal choice if you are concerned about tornadoes. They can withstand winds in excess of 140 mph (equal to an F2 tornado). They will also protect against damage caused by severe hailstorms and rain. 

These roofs also have a long useful life and are energy-efficient, providing you with some additional benefits as a property owner. 

Protect Your Investment With a Quality Metal Roof

The insurance industry confirms the safety and durability of metal roofing materials by offering homeowners premium discounts for the use of impact- and wind-resistant materials like metal. If you would like to explore putting a metal roof on your home, Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. can help. 

We have installed more residential metal roofs than any other business in Missouri. We take tremendous pride in our quality products and commitment to high-quality service. Contact us today to learn more about our services.