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After a long, cold winter, you’re probably excited about warming temps and the prospect of spending some quality time outdoors. But before you start scheduling too many weekends away or backyard parties, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the new season. Consider some springtime home maintenance tasks. 

Spring is the perfect time to take care of a few essential maintenance tasks. Fortunately, you can space these out over a few weeks and be done with them. Here is a list of springtime home maintenance tasks to tackle. 

1. Clean Screens and Windows

Start your springtime home maintenance by helping some of that natural light get into your home. You can begin by removing any screens and wiping them or spraying them down with a hose. Then, take a mixture of water, white vinegar, and dish soap to clean the exterior of your home’s windows. You can use regular window cleaner on the interior surfaces. 

2. Service Your Furnace & HVAC Unit

After working hard for you all winter, it’s a good idea to service your home’s furnace. Clean the blower and motor, or hire someone to do it for you. If your home has an HVAC system, now is the time to get it ready for the warmer months. Replace any filters and/or get the unit professionally serviced. 

3. Inspect Your Exterior

Walk around the exterior of your home and inspect it for any damage. Without climbing a ladder, see if there are any noticeable problems with your home’s gutters or roof. We recommend you hire a professional to service these areas for safety’s sake. 

Inspect your home’s siding for any problem areas. This would also be a good time to wash your siding with some mild soap to remove any debris or mildew stains. 

4. Seal Up Windows and Doors

It’s not uncommon for winter weather to take its toll on your home’s seals, which could invite water intrusion and damaging insects or critters. Seal up any gaps in doors or older windows that could allow air to penetrate your home. 

5. Touch Up Exterior Paint

If you’re feeling inspired, you can also touch up some of your home’s exterior paint. Sure, this will make your home look new again. But it will also give it better protection from the elements. 

6. Declutter the Garage

Another task that is never fun but always satisfying is the garage clean-out. Get rid of items you no longer use, some of which might become hazardous or nests for critters. Your space will be much more useful and enjoyable when you’re finished. 

7. Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

Finally, spend some time on your outdoor spaces. Clear away any shrubs or tree limbs that are encroaching on your home, re-stain that deck, and power wash your concrete areas. 

Protect Your Metal Roof With Springtime Maintenance Tasks

At Excel Metal Roofing, we recommend periodic inspections of your metal roof to ensure it continues to keep your home safe and protected. But we don’t recommend you undertake this task. It’s simply too dangerous. Our roofing professionals offer this as one of our services. 

With more than two decades in operation, our company has installed more residential metal roofs than any other business in the state. We use the highest quality materials and take pride in our workmanship. Contact us today for more information about our metal roofing products and services.