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Letting roof damage go can lead to leaks and water damage down the road. Regular home maintenance and roof replacement keep things as they should be and increase the property value of your home.

Keep reading to learn six signs that you need a roof replacement.

1. Time

Take note of when you last replaced your rood and pay attention to the amount of time that passes. Compare that to the suggested lifespan of your roof.

Metal roofs will last a very long time while shingle roofing requires more upkeep. If you live in an extreme climate, your roof may need replacement sooner than it would in mild climates with fewer storms.

2. Damaged Roof Shingles

Look up! Do your shingles lay flat?

Damaged shingles can indicate that you need a new roof. They may appear brittle, cracked, or curled upwards.

If only a few shingles look damaged or a couple of them go missing, you may not need an entirely new roof. This might call for a simple repair with shingle replacement.

3. Damaged Metal Roofing

A damaged metal roof should signal you to call for a replacement. Look for obvious signs of roof damage, like gouges or punctures. Less obvious signs may include loose nails, a peeling finish, or corrosion.

4. Upstairs Leaks

The roof stops rain and snowmelt from running into your home. If you notice a leak from the ceiling, it could indicate roof damage.

Sometimes leaks appear less obvious. Other signs of water damage include a sagging ceiling, discoloration on the ceiling and walls, and/or bubbling paint.

Clean up the water and get this looked at right away. If let go, water damage will ruin the infrastructure of your home and lead to mold growth.

5. Dark Shingles

Shingles should mostly maintain their original color throughout their lifespan. Though fading will occur from sun exposure, they should not get dark streaks.

This indicates algae and mold growth. When only a few appear streaked, you can just replace them. Bt if large areas get affected, you will need a new roof.

6. Decking Decay

Wooden boards that make up the framing of your roof are called decking. The materials that make up your roof connect to this to stay securely in place.

Broken gutters or a sagging ceiling can indicate an issue with your roof’s decking, and this requires a full replacement. Water damage is a big cause of decking decay.

Inspecting Your Roof

Inspect your roof at least once a year. Use a ladder to look at it closely for any of the issues mentioned above.

Sometimes you can increase the life span of your roof by catching small issues early while they only require a repair. Look at your roof more frequently if bad storms hit.

Don’t Wait on a Roof Replacement

If you notice roof damage, do not wait on getting a roof replacement. Time can cost you money if you let serious issues go.

A roof over your head protects your family and your belongings from the elements and helps insulate the home. It takes a lot of wear and tear. On average, a shingle roof lasts about 15 years while metal roofing will hold up between 40 and 70 years depending on the material.

Excel Metal Roofing cares about your home and offers high-quality metal roofing with superior roofing expertise. Contact us for your repair and replacement needs!