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For most people, their home is their most valuable asset. Making sure that asset is protected through superior construction and regular maintenance will provide the peace of mind you deserve. House fires happen far too often. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire departments respond to home structure fires every 93 seconds. And these types of fires cause an injury every 47 minutes and a death roughly every three hours. 

A fire can happen anywhere in your home or approach from outside, so it’s always important to be prepared. Here are six home maintenance tasks to help you reduce the risk of house fires and keep your family safe. 

1. Test Smoke Alarms Regularly

Your home smoke detectors are its first line of defense against a deadly fire. Many homes now have these devices hardwired to monitor both smoke and carbon monoxide, with automatic digital alerts. No matter what type of alarms you are using, make sure you test them regularly so you know you’ll get a proper warning if a fire breaks out. 

2. Service Your Home’s Heating Sources

The NFPA reports that home heating equipment is the top cause of residential fires. If not properly maintained or left unsupervised, a space heater, fireplace, furnace, or other central heating system can turn deadly. Make sure you are using this equipment safely and get it serviced annually. 

3. Clean Your Appliances

Another common cause of home fires is major appliances. Ovens, stoves, clothes dryers, and even refrigerators can catch fire for various reasons. Some modern appliances have self-cleaning functions. Others will get lint and dust buildup, which can catch fire if you don’t clear it out regularly. 

4. Get an Annual Inspection

There’s nothing wrong with bringing in an expert to handle some of your annual maintenance inspections and work. For example, many homeowners have someone come in for an annual HVAC inspection and preventative check, as well as an annual roof or gutter inspection. 

5. Remove the Clutter

A fire is more likely to start and spread where there is clutter inside or outside the home. In both places, clutter acts as fuel for a fire. Make sure you clean up stacks of paper and boxes inside your home. Outside, keep debris away from the home, like leaves, firewood, and other flammable materials. 

6. Evaluate Your Electrical Usage

Overloading your home’s electrical circuits can cause a serious fire. You can prevent this by reducing the number of things you plug into each outlet. You may also wish to upgrade your electrical by installing GFCI outlets and using surge protectors. 

Safeguard Your Home from House Fires With a Quality Metal Roof

Another way you can protect your home from dangerous and deadly house fires is to install a quality metal roof. Metal roofs are designated with a Class A fire rating, so they are one of the non-combustible roofing materials with the greatest strength. This type of roof can experience a flame spread of six feet and last up to four hours before ignition. 

If you’re interested in getting a quote for your roof, Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. can help. We’ve installed more residential metal roofs than any other company in Missouri. We’ll help you choose the best roof and style for your home, so you get the lasting protection you need. Contact us today.