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Metal roofs have been the primary choice for barns and agricultural buildings for generations, and it’s no secret why. No matter the structure, roof quality is vital to its safety and integrity. When it comes to agricultural buildings and livestock shelters, here’s why you should invest in a quality metal roof: 

Why So Many Barns and Agricultural Buildings Have Metal Roofs

If you’ve ever driven through or worked in an agricultural area, you’ve probably noticed that many of the buildings already have metal roofs or side paneling. Here are a few reasons why this is a common choice:


Metal roofs are some of the most durable types of roofs available. They can withstand heavy snowfall, high winds, and resist most hail damage. And, unlike wood, these materials are resistant to insect damage and are noncombustible. 

Ease of Installation

Comparatively speaking, metal roofs are easy to install. They can even be installed on top of some shingle roofing systems, saving you time and expense. 

Cost Savings

Speaking of saving money, metal roofs can save your business money due to less maintenance and repairs, lower utility bills, and longer useful life. 


Metal roofs can last up to four times longer than conventional roofs. Unlike some roofing materials, metal won’t deteriorate or get brittle over time. 

Design Flexibility

When you install a metal roof on your agricultural building, you have several options in colors, styles, finishes, and profiles. 


Most metal roofs are also made from recycled materials, and the materials themselves can be recycled. Even better, this type of roof can lower your building’s utility expenses, which can be significant for a large operation. 

Metal Panels Are An Ideal Option for Livestock Shelters

If your agricultural business handles and confines animals, it may face certain challenges that a homeowner or typical business owner doesn’t. When you consider putting a metal roof on a barm or other livestock enclosure, it’s important to think about this part of the business. 

Specifically, there is high ammonia content in animal waste, which can begin corroding metal in as little as five years. You can minimize these issues by having proper ventilation in the building and regularly maintaining your roof. 

Another way to extend the life of these roofs is to use coated panels. Either galvanized or Galvalume panels are effective in this environment. But, you’ll want to speak to your roofing contractor about the best options for your application. 

Need a Metal Roof for Your Agricultural Building in Missouri? 

Now that you know about the benefits of metal roofs for agricultural buildings, you may be interested in exploring your options. Excel Metal Roofing, L.L.C. helps homeowners and businesses throughout the Versailles area of Missouri with all of their metal roofing needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about our metal roof products and installation services.