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Missouri winters mean shoveling snow, salting sidewalks and keeping an eye on the roof. With fronts coming in from all directions, storms dropping two feet of snow are common. If you’re looking for a roof that can stand up to a harsh winter, consider metal roofs for barns, sheds and homes. Here are four reasons they keep structures safer and warmer in the winter.

1. Less Snow and Ice Accumulation

When homes lose heat through the roof, snow and ice at the top slides down to the overhang, where un-melted snow keeps it from falling. It then re-freezes, creating heavy hunks of ice called ice dams. These wintry wrecking balls can damage roofs and anything or anyone underneath them when they fall. In some cases, falling ice dams cause fatal injuries.

Plenty of snow and ice slides off metal roofs, but the smooth surface prevents buildup. Because heat is evenly distributed across the entire roof, overhangs don’t harbor as many or as heavy hazardous ice dams. However, always keep an eye out for them and exercise caution when removing them after an ice storm. Ideally, a trained metal roof technician will also install a snow retention system.

2. Fire Damage Control

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, more residential fires occur in winter than any other time. One in six fires is the result of home heating equipment including generators, space heaters and HVAC systems. Having a metal roof means less fuel for fires.

While metal roofs are made from materials with Class A fire ratings, it’s important to consider what’s under the roof, as well. When having a metal roof installed, ask about fire-resistant underlayment materials. In preparation for winter, clear attics of unnecessary debris and trim any low-hanging branches.

3. Durability

Asphalt roofs last about 20 years at best. Throw in frequent snow storms and that average drops. In contrast, insurance companies estimate that a metal roof can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years.

While also saving money in the long run, the durability of a metal roof saves on seasonal repairs. A metal roof with a proper slope and strong gaskets around screws and seals is less likely to leak after a harsh winter.

4. Metal Roofs Can Be Energy-Efficient

While asphalt shingles hold more heat during the day than a metal roof, they also lose more heat at night. Throughout the day, a painted metal roof absorbs heat and distributes it across its surface.

Once again, this performance is only as good as the structures around it. Paired with the proper amount of space between your roof and home, metal roofs keep homes warm all winter long.

Metal Roof Installation in Versailles, Missouri

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